Linda Wallace


While growing up, there were only two choices of careers for me: nursing or teaching. After a stint in the hospital when I was 10....that changed to only wanting to be a teacher! Whether I was looking after nieces and nephews, working in a daycare while I was going to university, raising my own children or teaching, I have always loved spending time and working with children. After graduating in 1989 from the University of Alberta and obtaining my Bachelor of Education Degree and Early Childhood Education Diploma, I had the opportunity to teach in Swan Hills, Westlock, Jarvie, Pibroch (at the Hutterite Colony) and back in Westlock. In 1990, I married my high school sweetheart, Colin. We have three wonderful children, Natalie, Andrea, and Gregory, who we are very proud of. I have been very lucky to teach at and have my children go to Westlock Elementary. Sadly for me, the time of seeing them during the day and hearing a greeting of “Hi, Mom!” has come to an end.   Andrea and Gregory are going to 'the big kids’ school, while Natalie is now in university!  I thoroughly enjoy doing crafts, reading, camping and traveling. In recent years, traveling and having my children enjoy the world around them has been one of my goals. As such, we have had the opportunity to visit neighboring provinces, several states in the United States and to go on Caribbean and Mexican cruises. Over the years, I have enjoyed teaching many different subjects and grade levels and continue to love working with elementary age children. Every day brings something new and exciting!