Margaret LeBlanc



This school year I will be teaching Kindergarten!  I am so excited to be here and have a new bunch of little faces to teach!  Everyday is always exciting and there is never a dull moment!   I look forward to working closely with Mrs. Kathy Carnegie, Mrs. Stacy Howse and Mrs. Colleen Martinson.  Oh what fun we will have!  A little background for you.  I was born in Westlock and completed my Grade 1 and 2 in Fawcett. Then my family sold the farm and moved to Qualicum Beach on Vancouver Island. I finished my schooling there and returned to the Westlock area. I soon met my husband (Ed LeBlanc) and went to University and traveled a bit. (Italy, Germany, Austria, Costa Rica, Mexico, Cuba and Hawaii) I have been teaching off and on since I graduated in 1994 from the University of Alberta. Since then, I have been mainly here at WES. I have taught at each grade level, taught ERI, helped with Crafters Club, cooked at Outdoor Ed. camp, ran the chess club, and have seemed to have covered it all! That being said, I have been dedicated to WES because we have a great school full of amazing, talented and caring individuals! Now, I have 2 children (Eric and Emma) who attend R.F Staples.  Have a great day!   Thanks for stopping by!