Virtues are important at WES!
Sept/Oct: Respect & Responsibility
November/December: Empathy
January: Self Control
February: Kindness
March: Acceptance
April: Honesty
May: Perseverance
June: Virtues Review

Latest News

Student reporters share school stories on 97.9 The Range

Starting Oct. 24, student reporters will be broadcasting stories from 10 of our schools. The new Kids News feature wi...

Do the survey: What should be in Alberta's new curriculum?

Alberta Education is developing a new curriculum. As part of this process, the department of education is asking Alberta...

Pembina Hills Public Schools kicks off Student Voice initiative by asking kids...

A 24-question poll will serve as the starting point for Pembina Hills Public Schools’ efforts to engage students in di...

Bus cancellations when weather is bad

Winter is coming... when do we cancel buses? With Environment Canada issuing its first warning about bad weather in our...

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